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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

An idea is born

So, Covid19, eh? It's been a weird and interesting time. A roller-coaster time, really. A bunch of curve-balls got thrown into the mix, too. Because, you know, it never rains, it pours 😐

But let's turn focus to the positives, shall we? (It's really weird how the word 'positive' seems to have garnered a bit of a negative connotation...)

MoveMe's yoga classes moved online relatively seamlessly. A few technical difficulties and hiccups aside, I've actually really enjoyed the virtual connections. Yes, in-person is ideal, sure, but some movement is far preferable to none. I feel like I've gotten to know different aspects to people than in person, especially with private one-on-one clients. For myself and clients alike, just the connection with people other than who you're stuck with (*makes note of another blog topic) was welcomed, and beautiful.

This brings me to two very special clients that I've had the incredible privilege of working with. The most committed yogis I've known (besides other teachers - but we tend to go a little bit overboard!), and ones that have been an inspiration to me, an encouragement, a sounding board, and usually just outright fun and creativity. Yes, mom, I'm talking about you 😊 and of course, my amazing sister.

To say that their yoga practices have transformed is such an understatement. I feel truly privileged to have seen them grow stronger and more connected with their bodies and its movements. It's been a great reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing. I've seen them almost every day since our lock-down began, bar three unavoidable exceptions.

Every session I'd ask them what they would like to work on. And every day is a combination of random poses or focus-areas. My mom loves to push herself and work hard. She usually gives me at least three different things that she wants to achieve in any given session. And while that is sometimes an impossible task that needs some toning down, more often than not it turns into a marvelous mix of fun, panting, laughing, learning and growing.

The other day my mom requested toe stand, and bird of paradise (and side crow). My sister piped up and asked if we could go from one straight into the other. And so an idea was born 😃😁

So I've decided to challenge myself (and you 😁) to find ways to transition between random poses (or, at least find the shortest path from one to the next). Or spend the next few months building the strength and/ or flexibility to make it possible...

If you happen to have some pose ideas, throw them (names, pictures, descriptions, videos - whatever) at me and let's see what we can come up with! 😃 I'll add those poses to the growing list, and I plan on picking poses by throwing dice... (throwback to my good ol' D&D days).

K, let's do this!!

Photos from a while back, because documenting progress is important and fun, but not my strong point 😊

Toe stand - circa 2018 
Bird of Paradise - circa 2018 
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