Personalised yoga, teacher training, movement therapy, and mindful nutrition advice in Bryanston

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Yoga online

Private, semi-private and group yoga online

Join us for yoga in your own home, using your laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is space for a mat, and a good Internet connection. For group sessions a camera is optional if you’d like advice on corrections and progress. For Private and semi-private sessions we use video by default to give you specific feedback on your poses and progress.


This timetable is for group classes. For private and semi-private slots, please contact us to arrange!

  • 9:00Vinyasa flow
  • 12:00Gentle flow
  • 13:30Vinyasa flow
  • 17:00Cardio / fast flow / strengthen
  • 11:00Cardio / fast flow / strengthen
  • 12:00Vinyasa flow
  • 17:00Gentle flow
  • 9:00Cardio / fast flow / strengthen
  • 12:00Gentle flow
  • 17:00Vinyasa flow
  • 18:30Cardio / fast flow / strengthen
  • 9:00Gentle flow
  • 11:00Vinyasa flow
  • 12:00Cardio / fast flow / strengthen
  • 17:00Gentle flow
  • 9:00Vinyasa flow
  • 12:00Gentle flow
  • 13:30Cardio / fast flow / strengthen
  • 17:00Yin Gin Friday

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