Personalised yoga, teacher training, movement therapy, and mindful nutrition advice in Fourways

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Injury and pain recovery

The injury and pain recovery program is aimed at anyone who:
  • requires rehabilitation-style exercises and guidance to recover from injuries
  • has been in chronic pain and wants to explore movement, strengthening, and re-patterning as a way to recovery or easing of pain
The program includes:
  • 2 or 3 one-hour private sessions
    • Body and movement assessment
    • Gaining knowledge and understanding of areas that pertain to your needs
    • May include hands-on massage therapy to release tightness
  • 2 to 5 20-minute sessions per week for one month
    • Practise prescribed exercises while being constantly supervised and guided
    • Move on to stronger exercises as needed
  • 1 one-hour private session
    • Re-assessing your movement/ pain/ strength

Initial sessions - R 350 each Minimum 2, maximum depends on you R 700 +
Weekly supervised mini sessions - R 200 per week Whether you attend 2 or 5 sessions per week R 800
Re-assessment - R 350 R 350

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