Personalised yoga, pilates, massage therapy and mindful nutrition advice in Fourways

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New group classes coming soon!

MoveMe Mind Body will be introducing some new group class time slots, as well as new slots for individual and semi-private sessions, and we'd love to hear from you regarding suggestions, requests, optimal times and anything else you'd like to share. We'll also be adding a booking calendar soon to make bookings smoother and help you find the right time to come play, so keep checking back!

Mindful nutrition

Stress, media, family, life or work events, all tend to have an impact on our eating habits; some good, some less productive. Approaching weight loss, weight gain, weight stabalisation, or a healthier eating lifestyle all require a shift in our thoughts and perceptions regarding food in order to achieve a sustainable, long-term and optimally healthy goal. The mindful nutrition sessions aim to get you to talk about and investigate your own views on food and the situations surrounding your food choices and habits in a small, safe and secure environment.

How can I help you with attaining and maintaining a
healthy & sustainable nutritional lifestyle?

  • Unfortunately, there is:
  • ✘ no quick fix, and
  • ✘ no miracle pill
  • But luckily, it also doesn’t have to be
  • ✘ Difficult
  • ✘ Depriving, or
  • ✘ Daunting
  • And, you don’t have to
  • ✘ Count calories
  • ✘ Weigh your food, or
  • ✘ Stick to a tough regimen

The pocket dietitian

For R600 per month (the average cost of seeing a Dietitian for a one hour consultation)

Sign up for 24/7 assistance and advice on your dietary intake. You will receive some simple dietary guidelines, and start up advice, and you’ll need to take some ‘measurements’ (if you want to).

From there on, all that you need to do is send me photos of everything you eat throughout the day.

Vitality Nutrition consultations are also offered.

Our studio spaces


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