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Group classes

New group classes coming soon!

MoveMe Mind Body will be introducing some new group class time slots, as well as new slots for individual and semi-private sessions, and we'd love to hear from you regarding suggestions, requests, optimal times and anything else you'd like to share. We'll also be adding a booking calendar soon to make bookings smoother and help you find the right time to come play, so keep checking back!
Group classes are great for keeping active and grounded, and generally more affordable. Although numbers can range from two to twenty, individual adjustments, advice and modifications are always offered where necessary.

Classes are suitable for all levels, ages, and genders (unless otherwise specified). However, for complete beginners who feel uneasy going straight into a group class, or for those with injuries or recovering from injuries, one or two private sessions may be advisable to ensure that you get the most out of the group classes, in a safe and controlled manner.

For more detailed information on prices and schedule, have a look at our group class guide

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