Personalised yoga, teacher training, movement therapy, and mindful nutrition advice in Bryanston

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Class information

Online group classes

We are currently running online group classes, every day at 5pm and every Tuesday at 1.30pm. Classes run for an hour, and are done on Skype, using your laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is space for a mat, and a good Internet connection. For group sessions a camera is optional if you’d like advice on corrections and progress.

Please enquire about HIIT, pregnancy yoga and pilates classes.


Prices vary depending on location, number of sessions, and number of people. For a comprehensive list, please contact us! All sessions are 1 hour, unless otherwise specified.

Group yoga classes

Pre-booked weekly classes:
Paid weekly in advance, committing to the same class(es) every week
R50 per class
A monthly flex card:
Paid in advance. Allows you to attend 4 group classes throughout the month, at any of the offered times. Additional classes at discounted rate of R60 per class
R320 for 4 classes
Drop-in class:
Any random class on the day
R110 per class
Classes on the monthly card and pre-booked weekly sessions are not refundable and are valid for one calendar month only. Classes booked or cancelled within 2 hours of the start time will incur an additional fee

Private and semi-private sessions

Book and pay in advance for these bespoke classes, and receive discounts for booking 2 or 3 sessions per week, starting at R150 per person.

Individual, private or semi-private sessions with a 500hr RYT yogi:
1 session per week: R300 per session (R400 for two people)
2 sessions per week: R250 per session (R350 for two people)
3 sessions per week: R200 per session (R300 for two people)
Private and semi-private sessions are not refundable and are valid for one calendar month only.

Teacher training
Please note, a deposit of R7,000 is payable in advance for Teacher Training

Group Teacher training R19,000 per person
Group Teacher training bring a friend R17,000 per person
Private Teacher training R25,000 per person

Nutrition counselling - Pocket Dietitian

Assistance and advice on your dietary intake. Simple dietary guidelines, and start up advice, with communication access to a dietitian any time you need it R600 per month

* Packages are available, contact us for more details
An additional charge is added for travelling expenses where necessary.

Our studio spaces


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