Personalised yoga, teacher training, movement therapy, and mindful nutrition advice in Bryanston

Personalised yoga, teacher training, movement therapy, and mindful nutrition advice in Bryanston

MoveMe offers a range of services to help you connect with your body, be it to relax, strengthen, rehabilitate, or to stabalise body weight. We apply a broad range of knowledge and experience to tailor sessions to your specific needs.

Being active is essential for a healthy body and mind. Doing so mindfully and with a lesser risk of injury is where MoveMe comes in. Our private personalised yoga sessions are tailored to your needs, goals and your individual body. Our group classes are the ideal place to put into practice what you learn in private sessions, or just to safely flow, play and connect with your body. Our teachers are highly qualified in several fields and offer yoga sessions that incorporate different movement modalities to give you the best, well-rounded sessions.

For those who have injuries, are prone to injuries, or need to strengthen post-injury, our movement therapy is prefectly tailored to your individual needs.

We also offer a Yoga Alliance approved, internationally recognised 200-hour teacher training course that runs in small groups (maximum 8 students) or that can be done privately to suite your schedule and specific interests.

To round off our lifestyle enhancement offerings, our qualified Dietitian offers mindful nutrition advice to guide you to any nutrition-related goals that you may have, be it to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, or just eat a healthier, balanced diet.

All of our services are offered at a stunning studio in Bryanston, but many of these services can also be brought to your doorstep, too, for your added convenience.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

An idea is born

So, Covid19, eh? It's been a weird and interesting time. A roller-coaster time, really. A bunch of curve-balls got thrown into the mix, too. Because, you know, it never rains, it pours 😐

But let's turn focus to the positives, shall we? (It's really weird how the word 'positive' seems to have garnered a bit of a negative connotation...)

MoveMe's yoga classes moved online relatively seamlessly. A few technical difficulties and hiccups aside, I've actually really enjoyed the virtual connections. Yes, in-person is ideal, sure, but some movement is far preferable to none. I feel like I've gotten to know different aspects to people than in person, especially with private one-on-one clients. For myself and clients alike, just the connection with people other than who you're stuck with (*makes note of another blog topic) was welcomed, and beautiful.

This brings me to two very special clients that I've had the incredible privilege of working with. The most committed yogis I've known (besides other teachers - but we tend to go a little bit overboard!), and ones that have been an inspiration to me, an encouragement, a sounding board, and usually just outright fun and creativity. Yes, mom, I'm talking about you 😊 and of course, my amazing sister.

To say that their yoga practices have transformed is such an understatement. I feel truly privileged to have seen them grow stronger and more connected with their bodies and its movements. It's been a great reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing. I've seen them almost every day since our lock-down began, bar three unavoidable exceptions.

Every session I'd ask them what they would like to work on. And every day is a combination of random poses or focus-areas. My mom loves to push herself and work hard. She usually gives me at least three different things that she wants to achieve in any given session. And while that is sometimes an impossible task that needs some toning down, more often than not it turns into a marvelous mix of fun, panting, laughing, learning and growing.

The other day my mom requested toe stand, and bird of paradise (and side crow). My sister piped up and asked if we could go from one straight into the other. And so an idea was born 😃😁

So I've decided to challenge myself (and you 😁) to find ways to transition between random poses (or, at least find the shortest path from one to the next). Or spend the next few months building the strength and/ or flexibility to make it possible...

If you happen to have some pose ideas, throw them (names, pictures, descriptions, videos - whatever) at me and let's see what we can come up with! 😃 I'll add those poses to the growing list, and I plan on picking poses by throwing dice... (throwback to my good ol' D&D days).

K, let's do this!!

Photos from a while back, because documenting progress is important and fun, but not my strong point 😊

Toe stand - circa 2018 
Bird of Paradise - circa 2018 
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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Where to from here?

I won't lie, I've been feeling a bit lost. There have been several changes in my life, vast majority of them great. But with change comes some instability, I guess. Readjusting to, playing around with, getting used to, and seeing the ripple effects of change.

In a yoga practice (and in life) you want change. That's what we strive for. Without change we'd be stagnant, stuck, with no growth. Change is something that we'd usually celebrate. Being able to hold a handstand when you were never previously able to, for example, would be a fantastic feeling! ("would be", because I still haven't gotten that right yet. Ugh.)

On the flip side though, not being able to do a back bend anymore when that was one of your best poses is also change, but more a change that needs to be dealt with and accepted (been there, done that). It can be seen as a 'negative' change. Or you could choose to see the lesson in it.

So where is the lesson in this instability and fear that I'm feeling? But also, why am I struggling with it when the changes themselves were so positive?

Staying grateful for the positivity is definitely something that I needed to learn (as is each little bit of progress on my handstand). Trusting that the change will lead to better things (and that it's not just the change itself that was good) requires a leap of faith. It also requires persistent effort to making the best of each new thing that arises. So, I guess I'm saying that I need to listen and look out for the positive more? Just keep on keeping on. Keep practicing. Keep doing the yoga.

So, with one foot in front of the other, slowly and steadily, I keep moving. Perhaps this week I'll teach more flow, to just keep going, quietly and mindfully.

Or something like that.

Almost sorta' got it... I mean, I can get up there, against a wall, but I'm still way off from actually holding it away from the wall...
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Friday, 24 January 2020

Hello to new beginnings

If you've been following the website or our Facebook page, or you're a new or existing client, you'll have seen that things have changed a bit... We have a spectacular new studio in the most amazing setting.

I have had the immense privilege of partnering up and working with amazingly amazing women to help me on this new venture. I won't mention names, but you guys (should) know who you are! You all rock!

This whole turn around has also made me very much aware of how awesome many of my clients are. The support and understanding that I've gotten has been tremendous. I am absolutely sure that it will all be worth it once you see and start sessions in the new space. But thank you to you lovely people!

...this is sounding a bit like an Oscars thank you speech...

*music starts playing*

Come check out the incredible new space and the new extended timetable! And also our open day on the 7th of March... save the date so long, details will follow soon!

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Monday, 6 January 2020


What can I say, when inspiration hits, it hits hard.

So, I was just having a chat with my sister and she’s trying to encourage me to write more, or at least trying to convince me that my posts really aren’t that bad and that people actually like reading them - or at least that’s what the stats say? I find myself in a position of needing to just let go and trust her.

But this isn’t the only time that this kind of trust thing has come up for me recently. I had to let go of some crappy stuff that I was terrified of ‘losing’ (inverted commas because it turned out that I gained so much more from letting go that ‘loss’ hardly played a role) and that took a lot of trust that other, and hopefully better things would come along.

I’m really modest, often to my own detriment. But the message has been coming across pretty persistently that I’m actually not that bad at what I do, and that perhaps, maybe, I’m actually really good at it. Maybe I really do have a knack for helping people and seeing things and knowing how to go about shifting things. But just to type that has taken so much (letting go and) trusting people (and their results, too) that I’m wondering if perhaps I don’t have major trust issues… *jots down notes for next therapy appointment*

I’m also wondering now how trust can play into your yoga practice, and I guess there it would be all to do with trusting your body, trusting the process, listening and being kind to yourself (more on this here).

My sister and me. She looks trustworthy, right? 

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Friday, 13 December 2019

Beginners yoga course

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

It’s back. And wrists and ankles and hips.

I had a period of about three months where my pain was all but gone. It happened after a break up that seems had been perpetuating issues and patterns from my childhood. He’s not a bad guy, he just wasn’t great for me. Or, he was, in terms of how much I learned about myself while we were together. I digress.

My body seems prone to side effects of medications, and I’ve had some of those get worse over the course of this year. Since my pain had started dissipating and stressors had changed, the doc and I made a change to my meds. Aaaand the pain started coming back. I now seem to have tendonitis in my wrists, ankles, knees and hips, and from today, in my SIJ. The link with the medication is my (and my physio’s) guess. It may also be because I haven’t been using the same cannabis treatment. I’ll keep you posted. It may be in five months time when the blog urge peaks again, or it may be in four weeks time once I’ve, a) Started on CBD tablets again, and, b) Gone back onto old meds if the CBD doesn’t help.

In the meantime, I’m staying positive, because CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy - read here) does have its place, and because I’ve attained two new clients who are/ have been going through the same autoimmune/ chronic pain ordeal that I slogged through, and I cannot tell you what a massive difference it makes to have people around you who understand. Me for them, but so much them for me, too. If you guys are reading this, thank you :)

Fibromyalgia Treatment (2)

Also this picture from here about fibromyalgia. It isn't just one thing.
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